TOLBINY Consensus: Great Performances; Lackluster Script

TOLBINY Consensus: Great Performances; Lackluster Script
  • Date: 11 Oct 2017 08:34 CDT
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Apparently The Only Living Boy In New York showcases some great acting despite unnecessarily tangled scripting. The story centers around Thomas (Callum Turner), a young college graduate infatuated with exactly the right girl (Kiersey Clemons) at exactly the wrong time in life. When she just wants to be friends, Thomas is pushed toward another relationship he isn't really ready for. Especially as Johanna (Kate Beckinsale) is both older and the mistress of his emotionally distant father (Pierce Brosnan).

If the story wasn't complicated enough, Thomas's neighbor (Jeff Bridges) spends a lot of time giving Thomas (not always great) advice on life. Added to that is Thomas's devotion to his mother (Cynthia Nixon). With a runtime of only 85 minutes, there's just too much happening to give everyone and everything the time they need to develop properly.


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