Kate Talks About Parenting on CHELSEA

Kate Talks About Parenting on CHELSEA
  • Date: 07 Aug 2017 08:48 CDT
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Kate Beckinsale was a guest on Friday’s episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, who asked her how she talks to her daughter Lily about body image Kate indicated that she is reinforcing the fact that Hollywood has "rough" industry beauty standards, and Lily shouldn't be distracted by them.

"The thing that I tell her, which is something that I found really helpful probably about her age, is, I found this Susan Faludi book called Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women.

"There’s a moment in that where she talks about how when, politically, women make big strides, it seems to always happen that the fashion becomes very completely unattainable body type. And it’s this sort of unconscious way of controlling women to distract them into a kind of self-loathing."

Kate also spoke about co-parenting with her ex, Michael Sheen, whom she dated for eight years and has remained amicable since the breakup.

The full episode can be viewed on Netflix.


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